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Mansion House

Rossbourne School is situated in a delightful landscaped site in Hawthorn and is well serviced by public transport being within an 8 minute walk from Hawthorn station and close to a number of tram networks. An independent bus line services students from Eltham & Doncaster districts.

Rossbourne in characterised by an historic mansion. In recent years an extensive building programme has been completed.

All classrooms and learning areas have been refurbished and a multi-purpose hall has been constructed.

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Library/Resource room activities are designed to give students access to up to-date multi-media materials and equipment.

A repetitive, supportive approach is provided that helps to establish routines for the use of equipment and research skills.

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Living Skills House

The Living Skills House is located adjacent to the main campus.

For Middle and Transition School students, Living Skills is a compulsory subject and the students are expected, in these sessions to attempt/complete one or more household tasks either individually or in a group situation.

The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to develop Independent Living Skills.

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Food Technology

An up-to-date modern facility provides students with an opportunity to be involved in the planning, purchasing, preparation and cooking of food.

Safe, hygienic work practices are promoted in the use of equipment and the handling and storage of food.

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Performing Arts

Performing Arts classes are designed to foster a love of musical and creative activity. Students, through a wide range of sequenced activities and games, are encouraged to develop their natural abilities in music, drama and movement.

Technology is integrated into the curriculum in the areas of aural training, analysis, composition and arrangement. Students learn to compose original work and arrange existing songs and film.

In addition to the classroom program, all students have the opportunity to participate in co curricular activities including drumming, choir and school productions.

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Manual Technology

Manual Technology develops student skills in using a variety of hand and power tools, together with a working knowledge of wood and other selected materials.

The complexity and challenges of projects increases at higher levels, however, the subject approach has sufficient flexibility to allow students to learn at their own ability level and pace.

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Outdoor Education

This programme is designed to provide students with a chance to not only learn new practical skills and safe practise in the outdoors, but also to put them into action in an appropriate challenging environment.

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Visual Arts

Students experiment with a wide range of art materials and processes.

Activities that extend and develop their skills in painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, photography, mixed media, ceramic, sculpture and set design.

The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to develop Independent Living Skills.

Human Powered Vehicle

The Human Powered Vehicle project consists of 24 team members preparing and learning how to ride the human powered vehicles. The programme consists of regular training sessions during and after school, plus a full scale rehearsal at Casey Fields, Cranbourne East and the major event “RACV ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH” in Maryborough in November.

Information Technology

This course focuses on developing an awareness of the basic functions and uses of technology.

Sessions are individually structured, so skills are built upon and refined, as a student moves through the School.

Multipurpose Hall

This modern facility houses an indoor basketball court and gymnasium where students undertake a variety of physical fitness programmes.

Being a multi-purpose facility this allows for the extra curricular and social activities that are an integral part of life at Rossbourne.