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School Rules


With the exception of wrist watches no other jewellery may be worn eg. bracelets, necklaces. A single stud earring or sleeper, no larger than a five cent piece may be worn in either earl lobe. Drop earrings are not acceptable as they create a risk of injury in sporting activities. No visible body piercing.



Make-up is not to be worn. No coloured nail polish. Boys to be clean shaven.



Exaggerated or extreme hairstyles will not be allowed. Extreme colours are also not permissible. Hair accessories must be navy blue.



No smoking is allowed when at school or traveling to and from school. The possession or smoking of any prohibited drugs or dealing in such drugs is forbidden.


Chewing Gum

Is not allowed at school.


Alcohol and Soft Drinks

Alcohol and drinks high in caffeine and sugar are not permitted on school premises or at school activities.


Mobile Phones and iPods

These are to be handed in to the classroom teacher at the commencement of the day unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.


Dangerous Items

The use and possession of dangerous items is strictly forbidden.


Valuable Items

The student must take responsibility for all valuable items brought to school. The school takes no responsibility to investigate their misplacement, loss or theft.


School Uniform

It is compulsory that school uniform, including the specified sports uniform will be worn by all students. In terms two, three and four the School Blazer will be worn to and from school and on excursions unless otherwise directed by a teacher. The Blazer is optional in term one.



There is to be no sharing of food between students due to the possibility of food allergies.


Complaints & Grievances

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