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Mobile Phones

Rossbourne acknowledges the growing use of mobile phones by students as a way of quick contact and security for our students but for the reasons detailed below also see phones at school creating potential problems. If parents want their son/daughter to have a phone at school, contact can be made after school, or messages left, the “Mobile Phone Application” form must be completed and the conditions outlined adhered to. Rossbourne staff are always willing to contact a student on behalf of a parent in an emergency situation.


Concerns regarding mobile phone usage:

  • Phones that are left on are a distraction to the owner and other students.
  • Valuable items that are not used directly for educational purposes should be left at home to avoid the chance of them being lost or stolen. As well as the personal cost and inconvenience to the owner, considerable time can be spent investigating a stolen/lost item.
  • Recent studies indicate potential health risks especially to younger people.
  • Students should not be in a position to contact friends and acquaintances during school hours. Security is of great concern and incidents of contact with outside people or agencies could pose a threat to the general school community.


Conditions of use once application granted:

  • The phone is not used during normal school hours.
  • The phone is to be handed into the Class Teacher at the beginning of the day for safekeeping.
  • The student and parents/guardians accept total responsibility for its security.
  • Details of the phone are presented on the application and are stored for administrative purposes.
  • The phone is only used for the reasons as outlined on the application.
  • Unauthorised use of a mobile phone will result in its confiscation and placement in the School safe until a parent/guardian is able to collect it.

This policy was ratified by the Rossbourne School Council – 20 July 2011
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