Transition | Rossbourne School


Most students turn fifteen during their year in Transition School. Many will have spent time in Middle School, although this is not compulsory.

Within the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Community Skills, Integrated Studies and Ad Health, we adapt or modify the Curriculum and Standard frameworks to suit each student's individual needs. 

At Rossbourne, we do not follow the stringent graded outcomes which are common in mainstream schools.  Our educators design an Individual Education Program for each student, and this guides the School's, and the student's, expectations.



City Seekers

A special feature of Transition School is The City Seekers Unit completed in Term 4. Our aim is for students to be able to use Public Transport confidently and learn more about the city of Melbourne.

Supervised Travel Training occurs weekly, with students being required to undertake increased responsibility for their selection of transport and time management.

This unit ends with an exciting overnight stay in the city. Students complete a full day of travel training activities in the city to consolidate what has been studied throughout the term.



Community Skills

This unit involves students considering the ways in which volunteers in the community enact the value of care and compassion. Students expand their understanding of care and compassion as a value and consider three key questions.

  • What is the meaning of care and compassion as a value in Australian society?
  • How do volunteers show care and compassion as they help the community?
  • What other values are evident in the contribution of volunteers?

Students reflect on the ways in which their own voluntary activities relate to their personal values. They plan for and conduct a research strategy to develop statements about the range of values displayed by volunteers in the community. They use the insights developed to select a cause related to their own interests and involve themselves in a volunteer situation that supports that cause.


Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award is an exciting Transition only School program.

The award is an internationally recognised program for anyone aged between 14 and 24.

There are four sections that students complete throughout the Bronze Award. These are community service, learning a new skill, Physical Recreation and an Adventurous Journey.

Students will be given the opportunity to design their own programs by selecting activities that they are interested in, setting goals and work to achieve them. The aim of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to acquire and develop a range of skills, build confidence and self-esteem, learn determination in facing new challenges, develop and maintain their personal fitness and enhance their ability to work in a team environment.

Students will be required to complete the majority of their activities outside of school hours; however, during class time they will have an opportunity to discuss and plan their activities with their award leader, complete their online record books and learn key outdoor skills in preparation for their Adventurous Journey.




Students in Transition school attend a camp in the first term.  The camp is based on outdoor education activities such as surfing and paddle boarding and students are encouraged to explore and challenge their personal boundaries.