Middle School | Rossbourne School

Middle School

Most students start at Rossbourne in Middle School, between 12 and 14 years of age.

An Individual Education Program is established for each student. All our students study a core academic curriculum, with much emphasis given to fostering friendships and developing social skills.

All students undertake the following subjects in Middle School:

  • Art
  • Drama/Music
  • Library
  • Food Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Manual Technology
  • Living Skills
  • Sport




All strands of mathematics are studied with particular focus given to:

  • Establishment and consolidation of the four processes.
  • Statistical application including money skills and reading and managing time.



Development of reading, spelling, writing, speaking and listening skills. Much of this work is done at an individual or small group level.


General Studies:

Thematic units of work are set each term, based around people and their environment. General Studies also includes Science topics.


Human Relations:

  • Presentations and explorations of topics including:
  • Personal Health
  • Nutrition
  • Safety
  • The Human Body & Systems
  • Sexuality
  • Relationships
  • Decision Making
  • Drug Education



Most excursions are done as a whole Middle School activity. Each excursion focuses on an area of study such as the Performing Arts, Science or a thematic unit in the curriculum. They are also an important and safe introduction toward independent travel for many students.


Living Skills

The aim of this programme is to give students the experience to become capable of operating independently in a household environment.

The programme aims to develop the skills and routines of basic housecraft, such as interior cleaning, preparation of simple meals, shopping, minor repairs and maintenance, lawn and garden maintenance.

The recognition, maintenance and safe use of all equipment, appliances and tools is an integral part of this programme.



All Rossbourne students participate in our weekly swimming program to develop their water safety skills, swimming technique and fitness. Plus, there’s time for fun!



For many students the Rossbourne annual camp is their first experience away from their family.  Middle School camp is usually of 3 days’ duration.

Focus: The camp is an educational program, with a safe and supportive environment focusing on:

  • Learning independence skills.
  • Developing friendships.
  • Participating in small and large group activities.
  • Having fun together.