Transition | Rossbourne School


Most students turn fifteen during their year in Transition School. Many will have spent time in Middle School, although this is not compulsory.

Within the core subjects of English, Mathematics, General Studies and Human Relations, we adapt or modify the Curriculum and Standard frameworks to suit each student’s individual needs.

At Rossbourne, we do not adhere to the stringent graded outcomes which are peculiar to mainstream schools.  Our educators design an Individual Education Program for each student, and this guides the School’s, and the student’s, expectations.


Travel Training

A special feature of Transition School is Travel Training. Our aim is for students to be able to use Public Transport confidently prior to admission to Senior School.

Supervised Travel Training occurs weekly, with students being required to undertake increased responsibility for their selection of transport and time management.



Students in Transition school attend a camp in the first term.  The camp is based on outdoor education and students are encouraged to explore and challenge their personal boundaries of expectations.