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Term Dates

Term Dates 2018

Term 1

29.01.18 – 29.03.18

Monday 29th January

Staff Preparation

Tuesday 30th January

Staff Preparation

Wednesday 31st January

New Students Orientation

Thursday 1st February

All Students Commence Term 1

Monday 12th March

Labour Day Holiday

Thursday 29th March

Students & Staff End Term 1, 2018

Term 2

16.04.18 – 29.06.18

Monday 16th April

Staff Preparation

Tuesday 17th April

Students Return - Term 2 Commences

Wednesday 25th April

Anzac Day

Monday 11th June

Queens Birthday Holiday

Thursday 28th June

Students End Term 2, 2018

Friday 29th June

Staff End Term 2, 2018

Term 3

16.07.18 – 14.09.18

Monday 16th July

Staff Preparation

Tuesday 17th July

Students Return – Term 3 Commences

Thursday 13th September

Students End Term 3, 2018

Friday 14th September

Staff End Term 3, 2018

Term 4

08.10.18 – 14.12.18

Monday 8th October

Staff Preparation

Tuesday 9th October

Students Return – Term 4 Commences

Monday 5th November

Mid-Term Holiday

Tuesday 6th November

Melbourne Cup Holiday

Wednesday 12th December

Students End Term 4, 2018 (Midday Finish)

Thursday 13th December

Staff Day

Friday 14th December

Staff  End Term 4, 2018

School Dates 2018

Term 1

29.01.18 – 29.03.18

Thursday 8th February

Welcome evening new families - hosted by Parents Association (6.00pm)

Monday 12th February

Middle & Trans Information Evening

Tuesday 13th February

Senior Information Evening

Monday 19th February

School Class Photos - 9.00am

Monday 26th February

Parents Association Meeting & Immunisations (new Middles)

Tuesday 13th - Friday 16th March

Transition School Camp

Monday 19th March

Parent Teacher night

Wednesday 21st March

Parent Teacher night

Monday 26th March

Parents Association Meeting

Tuesday 27th March

Parent Teacher night

Term 2

16.04.18 – 29.06.18

Thursday 3rd May

Auditory Process Information Evening - new students (7.00pm)

Monday 14th May

Parents Association Meeting

Tuesday 12th June

Athletics Carnival (Tom Kelly Aths Track - Doncaster)

Monday 18th June

Parents Association Meeting

Tuesday 26th June

School Production Night

Wednesday 27th June

School Production Night

Thursday 28th June

School Production Night

Term 3

16.07.18 – 14.09.18

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th July

Senior School Camp

Monday 13th August

Parents Association Meeting & School Sports Photos/Whole School/Staff

Saturday 18th August

Parents' Association Fund Raiser - Trivia Night (Gym)

Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd August

Interschool Snow Sports

Monday 27th August

Immunisations (new Middles)

Monday 3rd September

Parent Teacher Night

Wednesday 5th September

Parent Teacher Night

Monday 10th September

Parent Teacher Night

Wednesday 12th September

School Disco (Night)

Term 4

08.10.18 – 14.12.18

Saturday 13th October

HPV Casey Field Day - Berwick (Seniors)

Monday 15th October

Parents' Association Meeting

Monday 22nd - Thursday 25th October

Middle School Camp

Tuesday 30th October

Swimming Sports (Xavier)

Monday 12th November

Parents' Association Meeting & AGM

Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th November

RACV HPV Camp Maryborough (Seniors)

Saturday 1st December

PA Second Hand Uniform

Friday 7th December

Senior Graduation

Monday 10th December

Parents' Association End of Year Function

Tuesday 11th December

End of Year Whole School Excursion

School Dates 2019

Term 1 2019

29.01.19 - 5.04.19

Monday 28th January

Australia Day Holiday (in lieu)

Tuesday 29th January

Staff Commence Term 1

Wednesday 30th January

New Student Orientation / Staff Day

Thursday 31st January

All Students Commence Term 1

Monday 11th March

Labour Day Holiday

Thursday 4th April

Students End Term 1

Friday 5th April

Staff End Term1

Easter - Good Friday 19th April, Easter Monday 22nd April

Term 2 2019

23.04.19 - 28.06.19

Monday 22nd April

Easter Monday

Tuesday 23rd April

Staff Commence Term 2

Wednesday 24th April

Students Commence Term 2

Thursday 24th April

Anzac Day

Monday 10th June

Queen's Birthday Holiday

Thursday 27th June

Students End Term 2

Friday 28th June

Staff End Term 2

Term 3 2019

15.07.19 - 13.09.19

Monday 15th July

Staff Commence Term 3

Tuesday 16th July

Students Commence Term 3

Thursday 12th September

Students End Term 3

Friday 13th September

Staff End Term 3

Term 4 2019

07.10.19 - 13.12.19

Monday 7th October

Staff Commence Term 4

Tuesday 8th October

Students Commence Term 4

Monday 4th November

Mid-Term Holiday

Tuesday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Day Holiday

Wednesday 11th December

Students End Term 4 (Midday)

Thursday 12th December

Staff Day

Friday 13th December

Staff End Term 4

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