Our Mission | Rossbourne School

Our Mission

Rossbourne is a unique independent school whose purpose is to provide an educational facility for students who have difficulty progressing, adapting or coping with the demands, both educational and social, of mainstream education. Such students most often have a recognizable and identifiable learning disorder, and yet are normally ineligible for access to other specialized settings.

Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles of the Council and Staff of Rossbourne School are:

  • to provide an Individual Educational Plan tailored to suit the needs of each student
  • to develop each individual to his/her full potential and to equip students for meaningful participation in the community i.e. further education, employment, while extending their social networking
  • to cater for the students individual strengths, needs and rates of development
  • to provide opportunities for students who can benefit from a smaller student teacher ratio
  • to give preference to those students who can achieve some measure of independence and display satisfactory peer interaction
  • to provide a partnership with families for the ongoing development of each and every student to provide a caring environment that promotes respect for the individual, self confidence and an interest in learning
  • to maintain a level of enrolment which is optimal for the physical and financial resources of the school.