Enrolment Procedure | Rossbourne School

Enrolment Procedure

Families interested in pursuing an enrolment at Rossbourne School are requested to contact us with the intention of participating in a tour of the school. School tours are often conducted twice weekly. Families will have an opportunity to register their child on a waiting list, without cost, at the commencement of the tour.

The year of admission requested on the waiting list is then collated with all other families for any given year.

During Term 1 of the year prior to requested admission, all families on the waiting list will receive a postal invitation enquiring whether they are still interested in their nominated year or whether they wish to defer their enrolment. The waiting list is then re-ordered based on parent interest.

During Term 2 of this same year, an interview is conducted with families for which a vacancy is available, whereby the Principal will discuss with parents the background history of the student. The Psychologist, during this time, will show the student around the school facilities and classrooms. A 2-day trial is then arranged for the student to spend time in a comparable class to be observed and assessed by teachers and also to have the student evaluate the appropriateness of Rossbourne’s programs for themselves. A feedback interview is arranged with the family where outcomes are discussed. A trial is concluded as successful in accordance with the Rossbourne’s selection criteria.

In the event of an unsuccessful trial, alternative educational options are discussed and offered to the family.

Interviews are not offered until it is known that a vacancy is available.

The enrolment process can be relatively slow, given the small number of students that can be trialled in any given classroom over a week. While appreciating that families need to know the possibility of a vacancy arising for their child, it is difficult with any certainly, to predict the likelihood of a vacancy for any given year until interviews have commenced.

The waiting list is always reorganized each year, based on the date at which a family first toured Rossbourne, regardless of the year for which they intended to enrol. Students missing out on a vacancy will automatically have their name rolled-over to the following year.

All families are urged to have contingency plans, in the event of a vacancy not becoming available or on discovering that Rossbourne’s curriculum is unsuitable for their child’s educational needs. Unfortunately, there are no known comparative specialist schools to Rossbourne. Government special schools cater for students with an IQ between 50 and 70. Alternatively, contacting Special Education Coordinators at mainstream secondary colleges to assess their suitability would be worthwhile.