Student Welfare | Rossbourne School

Student Welfare

One of Rossbourne’s greatest strengths is the caring approach our staff have for each of our students and for all who make up the extended School community.

We welcome parents into the School family and ask that they be in close contact with the School. Ready communication between parents and staff creates a partnership which assists greatly in meeting the needs of our students.

A pastoral support network of home group teachers, subject and specialist staff creates a background of encouragement and on-going support for students throughout their years at Rossbourne.


Our policies, listed below ensures a sense of belonging, co-operation and achievement for every Rossbourne student:

  • Rights & Responsibilities
  • School-Wide Rules
  • Anti-bullying Policy
  • Code of Behaviour


Fundraising activities are conducted to help provide resources and improve amenities at the school.

The association encourages new families to join and work towards the continued development of the Rossbourne family.


Rights and Responsibilities

Rossbourne School Rights & Responsibilities:

  1. To be and feel safe at School
  2. To behave in a responsible manner
  3. To participate in a co-operative and positive learning environment
  4. To encourage and support each other
  5. To have a meaningful and stimulating eductational program
  6. To participate and work to the best of our ability
  7. To be treated fairly
  8. To be considerate to each other
  9. To respect ourselves others and property
  10. To look after yourself and each other
  11. To take care of school property


Rossbourne School promotes through its community a sense of belonging, co-operation and achievement.