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Assessment and Reporting

To objectively assess the progress of each individual student and to evaluate Individual Educational Plans (IEP’s) standard tests are administered. Adhering to trends in psychometric testing and consultation with testing professionals and agencies, a battery of tests are individually administered to each student. Such tests are administered as a complete battery every 18 months. Teacher designed tests are administered at any time.

Testing includes both achievement and aptitude assessments. Achievement tests currently include PATMaths, Keymath-R, Neale Analysis, Woodcock Reading Mastery, K-T and other relevant instruments. Psychometric and Aptitude tests include those performed by the Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and Careers teacher.

Dissemination of testing results and qualitative observations together, assist in the assessment of the student for IEP planning. Such dissemination occurs through formal Case Conference and Case Review meetings where all teaching staff collectively discusses and evaluates a student’s current progress and future planning. 

Classroom and Subject teachers also meet on a weekly basis to discuss general programming issues and individual student programming. This ongoing discussion ensures that each student’s IEP is up to date and all staff is working towards common student goals.

Communication between the School and families is strongly encouraged and is part of daily life at Rossbourne. Formal Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled twice yearly for families to discuss any issues with staff members. Informal meeting occur at any time throughout the year. Telephone communication is encouraged where difficulty in meeting face to face is envisaged.

Formal written reports are produced at the end of Semesters’ One and Two. These reports contain information about each student’s progress in all classes that they attend. They are generated from the schools IEP Database so as to reflect the individuality of each student. An example is on the following page. The reports contain specific programme information, the outcomes set for the student and then general teacher comment.

In addition to this more formal recording of student progress all teaching staff are required to keep detailed documentation on student programmes, functioning and progress.

This policy was ratified by the Rossbourne School Council – 20 July 2011
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